July 9, 2009

My name is Shawn Thompson and I want to talk to you about certain experiences in my life that have opened my eyes to the fact that God is real and that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. I will explain to you why I have come to believe this and why it may be vitally important information for you.

God has directly intervened in my life on several occasions. The first time was during an argument I was having with my mother when I was in my early teens. I was going out with some friends and for some reason she was angry that I was going out and this led to an argument. I was about to respond with a heated reply to something she had said to me when it occurred to me that her anger towards me was caused by an emotional pain she had inside her that had nothing to do with me. After perceiving that I automatically forgave her and all my anger drained away. At that very instant I felt the touch of god. It was like a shower of divine love that spread through my entire body. It was as if God was saying “Yes! That is that correct way.”

The second time God intervened in my life was on Christmas Eve when I was about sixteen. I and a friend of mine saw an angel at a shopping mall. The major shopping mall in the city of Ottawa is called the Rideau Center. The mall was split down the middle by a main street filled with people and many side streets nearby where there were bars and nightclubs that the local college kids frequented. That’s where me and my friend were headed. My friend had the money and I had just enough for bus fare back home. We had just exited the mall and started heading down the main street towards the bars when we became separated. I was working my way through the crowd trying to spot my buddy when I suddenly heard a voice like nothing I had ever heard before. I turned and in the main entrance to the mall an extremely tall woman dressed like a homeless person was singing Silent Night. The beauty of her voice was beyond anything I have heard before or since. Doniphan BlairIt soared up into the night sky and pierced me through to the depths of my heart. It was awe inspiring. I turned and people were just streaming by ignoring her. I will state here categorically that it was impossible that I was the only person out of hundreds who would have been stopped dead by the haunting beauty of that voice. It was just inconceivable that no one else was stopping. She had a hat out (it may have been a cup I can’t recall) for change and I remember struggling with myself as to whether I should give her my bus fare. Finally I decided not to because I wasn’t sure if I would find my friend or not and I lived far away on the outskirts of the city. I eventually tore myself away and moved on down the street again looking for my friend. After several minutes I ran into him coming up the street towards me. I told him about the woman and he told me the exact same story. A woman who looked exactly as I had seen with an unearthly voice and everyone except for him was streaming by ignoring her. He underwent the same struggle about whether or not to give her some money. He said he had seen her back the way he had been coming from and I told him I had seen her behind me in the direction I had been coming from. We both went to the mall entrance but she was nowhere to be found. Both shaken by the experience we decided to head home early that night.

The third time God intervened in my life was the most dramatic. My major cross to bear in this life is extreme introversion and self consciousness. At times it has made my life a living hell. I have been trying to overcome this problem forever. On this particular day I was feeling hopeless about my situation. For the first time in my life I became truly and sincerely hopeless. I stress this point because this condition is the closest we can come to perceiving the truth of this world. When you become truly hopeless you no longer even associate with your own thoughts because you know they are unable to help you. I was lying down on my bed undergoing all of this when my consciousness seemed to shift to another, metaphorical level. Suddenly all of my thoughts became like dark clouds.Bill Martin “Ripple” Then I was standing on a barren world where there was no life. Nothing except a choking black sky of darkness and pollution. Somehow I seemed to be able to rise above this planet to the starry sky. But then as I was rising away from this world I felt suddenly naked as if I had forgotten something. I looked behind me and huge mass of darkness gathered and began to close on me. It caught me and it was like oppressive clouds of the vilest pollution began choking the life out of me. In my hopelessness, not really knowing what I was saying. I began almost casually saying to myself that I wish the sun would come out. It was said in the tone of one expressing a wish that he has no faith in. But then suddenly there was a glint of light and it was like a bolt of lightning through my entire being. Then another and another. Then the sun came out. The clouds parted and God appeared to me. I felt my heart open up and heard a high pitched beautiful sound like a bell. The shock of this is beyond words. There was God exactly as the bible had described him. I can tell you that when you see god you will not have guess about who it is. God is unmistakably God. He looks like the sun in a clear blue sky except He radiates intelligence, love and life. At the same time I also saw/felt beyond all doubt that he was the center of my being. My source. My truth. Please understand that God is real and He is a person. We are distinct from him but not separate from him. We are all living a lie. Where we exist within ourselves. What you would call the seat of our consciousness is in fact not our seat. It is God’s throne. The reality of God is a million times greater that physical reality. Beside God the physical world becomes the puff of smoke illusion that it is.

When you experience this you are forced to confront several unpleasant facts. Fact number one is that God is real and exists right behind our thoughts. We have been living our entire lives in his immediate presence but not realizing it. He has seen every thought we have ever had. To appear before him in this fashion is to appear before him naked. Naked to him and ourselves. The guilt and shame you experience in this situation is overpowering. God is perfect. His perfection is undeniably vivid. I suddenly became self conscious and when I did darkness started appearing between me and the light. I vividly remember scrambling to hide behind this darkness from the light. From fear of exposure. In retrospect I think my self consciousness was this darkness for the two appeared at the same moment. My self consciousness it seems was consciouness of sin. This was about fifteen years ago. Since then I have spent considerable time trying to figure out what happened. I now realize that Christ must be the answer. It is the only solution I can think of. God does not cast us out of Eden. It is we who cast ourselves out. However it is no less terrible for this fact. The world is the exact opposite of the truth. The truth is God and only God. We are real and true only relative to Him. Free Will is one single choice. God or not. After that freewill is gone except for the ability to believe in Christ. In your day to day life you have no choice whatsoever. Your thoughts are not your own. Your mind is not your own. I believe that the common conception of the ego is one of the meanings the term Antichrist. We set this concept of self up in the center of our being but I’m telling you it has no place there. Please understand I don’t mean to say that we cease to exist when we accept God. We merely become secondary to him within ourselves. The story of Galileo is a good parable of this. The only way I believe we can stand before God is within the concept of Christ. By recognizing that God is Christ we can lay claim to the new covenant and then the past is forgotten. By being clothed in Christ we have no need of darkness and can live permanently in Gods presence unashamed. Otherwise our conscience convicts us and we sentence ourselves to earth which is effectively hell compared to the truth of God. Many religions believe that works are the basis of salvation. That heaven can be earned but I can tell you that no human conscience can stand naked before the truth and perfection of God. Only through belief in Christ and repentance which means putting God first in our lives can we be saved. Which brings me to the final point. Armageddon. Will God just wait forever for us to figure this out one by one ? Is there a limit to his patience? Are we in danger of truly destroying ourselves if God doesn’t step in? Does evil truly exist? Can we permanently die both physically and spiritually? I am beginning to believe that this is so. I am getting signals that not only is Armageddon real. It is directly upon us.