July 7, 2009

Hey you!

I just want to tell you something about my experiences I had with God.

I’m not really sure, wether it’s been God or my higher self, but it has been

a very strong and significant part of my life.

It accured due to the fact that my grandma died in 1998. I was very sad

about it, because we had a very tight relationship. She used to be like a

mother to me when I was at the age of 2, because my parents got devorced, so

that I had to live with her for nearly 2 years.

My mother did not realize my sadness and I did not know with whom I could


About 2 months after her death, I was lying in bed in deep grieve and the

feeling that everything is senseless. I was absolutely down and thought

seriously of suicide, when suddenly I supposed to feel a hand grabbing at me

and trying to help me up.

My grieve turned to enthusiasm. I felt strong and safe. Something or someone

was there – right next to me. I felt the warmth of a body and its love.

Up from this experience I learned to live with my grandma’s death and felt

much better.

I know that someone is there -always.

And again I have to say that I don’t know wether it is God or my own higher



Claudia from Germany