July 6, 2009

A few months back I was haveing what was like a dream, but then not. I say this as the experience was so over -whelming that I just cannot get it out of my mind. He (God) was about 2 ft. away from me at the most and consisted of the brightest most beautifull light Ive ever seen in this exzistance! He was within the light, and yet was the light.

He was communicateing with me about my life, and as I was comeing out of the dream/vision I found my self saying… please dont leave yet God, please dont leave me yet, and that was it. I cannot recall the conversation except that it was about my life. I also feel that God saved me during my last pregnacy as I had to hace a c-section and after the baby was born they had to do emergency surgery on me as I began to hemmorage. The last thing I remember was the Drs. saying that they were looseing me, later I woke up in a private room and one of the nurses told me that I should pray to God for thanks as the drs. did all they could for me and left my life in Gods hands. I do remember during this time while I was unconcious that I spoke with whom I can only say was Jesus and he told me that It was not my time that I had things in my life that were unfinished. Ive had other experiences such as suddenly feeling the most wonderfull joy, love, peace, an abundance of wonderious feelings and at the same time feeling a loveing presence. This has happened on numerious occasions and I look forward to all as they last only a little while. My youngest son has had some enlightening experiences as well, like playing with angels on the north side of heaven, where Gods throne is, or rules from. This is what he told me and at the time was too young and was not that knowledgeable about God. Hes had some negative experiences as well. God is whom I constantly seek, he is my path and I long to be near him.