June 30, 2009

I was a being of Light. I lay on the floor, bathed in a cushioning world of Light. The Light came through me, and about me. I was/am the Light. I could not move, because there was no movement. There was no me to move. There was no end to the I-ness. There was no beginning to my Self. There was only the pure, white, Bliss. I became aware of two large spheres, globes of energy, one cool, and blue, the other hot, and red. One was that which is. One was that which is not. One was the hard, the other, the soft. One, the sweet, releasing Feminine, and the other, the raw, fiery, Male. And I lay there, at the junction of opposites, my Being the very clash of hammer to nail, the carress of the painter’s brush to the canvas, the moment the Word was spoken. I knew that all is as it should be. There can be nothing that is out of balance, for all is the play of Life and Death, the dance of Joy and Sadness, the turning of a world in Grace. There is nothing to change. There is no place to go, no one to become. There is only the sound of Being, in Harmony, God and Goddess united in the embrace of their divine and wondrous Selves. I give thanks for all that is, and for all that is not, in the Now. Firefeather.