June 29, 2009

Some 23 years ago I had what can only be called an “experience”, it certainly was the focal moment of my life. Everything from that point on has revolved around this experience.
I am a musician by trade, pretty much a loner…. a quiet man, who has tried to be ever sensitive to life in both it’s joys and sorrows.
I had laid down to sleep and just started to relax when a series of near simultaneous events began to take place. First there was an act of forgiveness in which I seemed to forgive those who sought both themselves and God in what seemed a shallow manipulative manner. The realization struck me that for every person there is a level at which they are able to get their foot
in the door of life.Cliff McReynolds (detail) From that simple act of forgiveness and
understanding a huge chain of events followed. First there
came a physical trembling, the insistent sound of white noise but most strikingly, a white light exploded somewhere behind my forehead. This lasted for several moments and in that time questions were answered, answers to some questions I hadn’t even asked yet. There was unity, wholeness…. and behind it all was the
breathtakingly powerful force of Love. Inside became outside, the
outstretched had reached for God and God reached back. The understanding of eternity, macro/micro cosom… we are both the center and edge. Logic is suspended… no wait, that’s not entirely true, logic is advanced into a super logic that is capable of
being both logical and illogical, realizing they are only opposite ends
of the same idea. For several days following I would have to pull off
the road and just sit in my car, laughing at the difference between perceived reality and the
reality I have been privileged to experience.
It’s there folks… God, whatever… call it what you will. It simply
waits for you to drop your ego and be willing to forgive yourself and
all others. It requires desire the
willingness to go it alone, the final step is made alone, it’s between
you and your higher self. There is us the reflection, then a higher
self, then there is the source of the light. We become transparent so
that the reflection, the higher self and the light become one.