June 28, 2009

Dear Seer & Seen,

The experience of Seeing God involves us in a paradox. God is nobody’s “object,” such that God may be seen with conventional vision (or even contemplated with ordinary thinking). But we have to start where we’re at. Where do you see your attention and care going? That’s a fine place to start seeing God. God shows up in/through the “place” where love is focused. So push that experience further: concentrate your love on whatever your desire naturally flows toward. Whatever pulls the love out of you is God. Magnify the affectionate attention through generously lavishing love on the lovely.
After practicing this concentration of love, we develop “love muscles.” Our love, now strengthened, can take on less desirable objects; we can now direct love (like a force) toward the unlovely. When the unlovely is loved, it shows up more lovely. When the undesirable is desired, it is transformed into the desirable. This works for difficult people, a dirty car, a dead-end job–whatever. Targeting the unlovely with love leads you to treat it in a fundamentally different way. And your love is usually rewarded with a reciprocal response.
Finally, this promiscuous love will spill out in all directions at once: at this point Lover and Beloved are not-two; God and worshipper are con-fused; Seer and Seen are One.

Thank you; I love you;

Kailash (Mountain Abode of Shiva)