June 27, 2009


My father was sick .. he was a very strong man but one day he called and said I am so sick I need you to take me to the doctor..
As we sat in the office waiting our turn he told me a story.. He was 86 and I had never seen him so badly tired and worn out. and he even had problems walking so I demanded he use a wheel chair..
He said.. I was sleeping in my bed and when I awoke a man was standing at the bottom of my bed. he said my name and asked what is wrong with me.. I blinked my eyes an thought it was a doctor .. so I started to tell him all the things I thought was wrong with me when I realized I was in my own bed.. so I shut my eyes tightly and when I reopened them he was gone.. he elaborated on the fact this man was all in white sorta tall and glowing..
the next day my father died .. in his sleep.. god loved him enough to send a messenger to check on him and I feel relief knowing he had a angel by his side


I experienced a visit with god when my mother was dieing of cancer.. I dreamed I went to my grandmothers house and as I walked through the house from the front to the back.. I stopped at the screen door leading to outside.. the sun was so warm and bright I held up my hands and let it evelope me from the door. My grandfather motioned for me to come outside and sit on what seemed like rocks.. as he talked to me the light like a sun was behind him all shining and warm.. he talked to me for a long time and then said its time for you to go.. I didn’t want to leave but got up and went back into the house.. where I stopped again and let the light of the sun warm me through the door.. when I left and walked through the front door where I entered I immediately woke up.. knowing I had been to a very special place. A place which helped me to understand my mothers death and a spot that gave me comfort in the arms of the lord.. I truly believe that light wasn’t the sun but his ever lasting energy and love.

As things unfolded with my mothers illness.. I knew what to expect .. I think those were angels comeing to help us understand and give us strenght when I needed it most.

Arlene Butcher