June 23, 2009

I have seen.

God is not an idea within a dream. God is not an idea anyone has handed you. Those are just ideas.

God is the former of ideas.

God is IDEA. Not just one idea.

Look in a mirror. Tell me what you see. Look a bit longer. Tell me what you see.

There is a being that wakes up every morning in the same bed. It knows this bed is its own, so it does not question why it woke there. It sees its face in the mirror every morning. It never questions if it is the same face it saw yesterday, why wouldn’t it be? When it remembers its other selves, it calls them “dreams” or “people” – depending.

There is a thing that lives forever, but it does not want to think about that. It wants to believe it is afraid of death, so that it does not have to face forever.

If you are looking for beauty or love, do not look for god. God is beauty and love, but the “beauty” and “love” you know of are just ideas someone handed you. And god is not an idea someone handed you. He is “beauty”. He is “Love”. The ideas are just paltry. God is not a paltry idea.

When you see, God will mean something very different to you than it previously did. You will wish to throw away the old words, because they have new meanings now. You will wonder why you didn’t know that you knew. But you will know why you forgot, beyond a question.

It will be a comfort that does not comfort at all, for knowing doesn’t change a thing.

You will laugh at the gurus and sages who tried to tell you through books, and they will laugh right back.

You will realize why mirrors are sort-of-creepy. Because they held a message for you all along. Most “creepy” things hold a message.

But you already know the message.

Love god, but don’t try to do so. Recognize that it is impossible not to. Realize what bed you have been waking in. Look at the spiral. Know it.

See it. Please. For I am bored, and tired. I want the world to dance and sing. I want it to know that though it dies, it never dies.

Because I want someone to play with, and no one seems to like play anymore.

You are my other faces, and I am yours. I love you all.