June 21, 2009

YES. I have seen God. I saw God in 1993. I tried
telling people like Oliver Stone, but no one believed
me. Life went on to be very difficult because no one
believed me. I tried to fulfill my life goal as an
actress in the movies but because of William Morris
Agency’s discrimination of the Middle Class, they
rejected me and would not accept me–AFTER they
(Oliver Stones family)told me they had a job for me
working for Peter Antonijevic, the film director.
When I was in San Francisco I was told to go and work
for Peter Antonijevic.Danial Holeman When I relocated to Los
Angeles in 2001 to where Peter’s office is, they
denied me the right to my job and his agent, William
Morris Agency told me they couldn’t let me see the
director. Please go here and support the individual
right to accomplishment and the individuals right to
get their own job without needing permission, or being
held back by a less intelligible third party like the
criminals William Morris Agency.
(They do not believe in God, and I tried to tell them
it was extremely important, but they didn’t believe
me.) It is very important not to hold back or
discriminate against great spiritual leaders because
their knowledge of God and art can help everyone.

After I saw God, I believed there was only good in the
world. Then, in the Spring of 2001, I saw Satan.
Satan is made of the same material that God is, but he
is much smaller than God. Both are male. Satan is
the one who says no and waves his left finger back and
forth in the air. He has long finger nails, and four
knuckles on one finger. His fingers are long and
skinny like a birds claw. God is HUGE. Now, I know
evil exists too. I didn’t believe in evil before I
saw Satan. I thought it was just a gimmick or a ploy
to make money. Many parts of the Bible are true. The
truth lies in what GOD COMMANDED. What God commanded
is VERY, VERY true. God commanded that his accusers
shall be covered, and when I saw Satan, he had a cover
on his head.

I love God, and I thank Him for giving me the
beautiful gift of life.

I respect the religious views of others, but I believe
it is important that we respect each other. We, the
believers in God, allow others to think differently
and believe in other creations, such as the Buddha. I
believe that everyone has the right to their own
thoughts and beliefs. It is important to remember,
however, that God was first, before any man or any
mans writings.

I have been looking for others who have seen God or
Satan. Thank you very much for having this forum for
people to gather from around the world to share their
experiences. I would be interested in participating
in a discussion group with others who have seen God or
Satan. Please visit my website at:

LOVE and peace,

Andrea Calabrese