June 18, 2009

The Election in Paradise of Jeffrey Morgan Foss

It was early April, 1981 during the preparation of Passover. An attempt had been made on President Regan’s life a few days before. I was living on Stock Island in the Florida Keys at the time. At about eleven at night, I was compelled to fall on my face alone in the dark to pray on the floor. For three and one half hours, words rolled out of my mouth about every sin and unkind thing I had ever done. I kept nothing secret and opened every darkest closet. Then for the next three and one half hours, words rolled off of my tongue about every dark and terrible act being committed among the nations of the earth. The floor was puddled with my tears.

With seemingly no strength left, I dragged myself onto the fold away bed in the living room and fell face up on it motionless. Just then, a beautiful place opened though the ceiling just like an ancient scroll opening with a living image of a beautiful green environment in it instead of script and I stepped though it into this place. I ascended a steep ridge effortlessly and all my senses were acutely functioning better than ever before. There were young hardwoods on the way up the ridge but at the top was a magnificent, spruce/fir/pine forest which seemed to have been given the utmost care. In front of me was a gorge and on the opposite side a great and wide waterfall which made yet a gentle wisp of sound because of the straightness of the gorge.

I stood frozen in awe. There were places to explore throughout the opposite side and everything was extremely well cared for. If this were not enough, a man in a long white robe emerged from a thick stand of firs farther down on the other side and walked across the gorge in the air without ever breaking stride or looking down. There was no bridge or fallen tree beneath his feet though I strained to see one. This man’s gate was a noble gate and I immediately knew who it was without ever having been indoctrinated by religious orders or sects. Still frozen in my tracks, he approached on a path which ran parallel to the edge of the gorge on my side cutting its way straight though the moss and young firs.

These words came from the depth of my spirit and I could not prevent them: I said, “Good morning, Precious-Wonderful Lord Jesus!” with the excitement of a little child who was receiving a thousand wonderful gifts at once. At this, The Light of The Eternal Father radiated from his heart and I was enveloped and filled in the Light of God. I asked him, “Is this the Light of the Father?” and he replied, “It is as you say.” Then his eyes moved toward the gorge. I followed them with mine and could see, appearing out of the mist of the air, a golden palatial structure. I asked, “Is this the Father’s House?” And he replied, “This is the place we have prepared for you.” Then I asked, “Can I go over with you so that I might meet the others who will be there?” And He said, “No, it is not yet time. First, you have much left to do.” Then I said, “Let me fly to the summit (on my side of the gorge) and circle it three times and return before you. Then let us embrace at length before I must go.” Nick HydeAnd he nodded saying, “Go.” I lifted into the air, the tips of the spruces and firs passed beneath me at a rough distance of fifteen feet, I circled the summit and was then set back before him. After a long embrace, I descended the ridge eagerly toward my mission with full knowledge I would return and that time was no longer a concern.

At a halfway point along the descent, there was a futuristic circular structure nestled in a level area with every kind of hard and softwood. The structure was filled with all kinds of media, music and motion picture equipment. Descending the ridge further, I then returned to my body on the fold-up bed which was miraculously kept alive with slow and shallow sinus rhythm and breathing.

I sprang up with a jolt glowing and bathing the room in white light. I was completely cleansed and as light as air in feeling. A golden sun had risen and my first act was to befriend a little child who was on his bike riding in circles alone beyond my front door. I put my hand on his shoulder, smiled and offered to show him how to play Yahtzee. Then I said: “If you believe you can roll five sixes, you will.” On his first roll, five sixes stretched across the table close together in a straight line with all the dots pointing in the same direction. The next small miracle was when I wrote a spiritual song, “Glory To You, Lord”, where a butterfly landed on the tuning keys of the guitar I was composing with. In the years to come, there were of course events, miracles and acts of far greater significance but this was the beginning as it happened.

For a long time, people from various places and walks reported that brilliant white light was radiating from me. Seven years before this 1981 event, my voice thundered saying that I stand on the stone of destiny and behold the wisdom of the ages. I knew it to involve the universe as well as the nations. Seven years after 1981 came the Conservation Exchange* vision while I was managing at Bigelow Preserve. And seven years after that came confirmational visions that I had been given authority to address nations and worlds. There were also confirmations from spiritual leaders and spiritual people though the 1980s and 1990s who have been kept untarnished from the politics and meanderings of modern religions. I, myself, was kept safe by miraculous angelic intervention—and not only from this but from physical harms and discomforts along my journeys across North America. And some who were mean came to utter ruin overnight.

*Conservation Exchange is in fulfillment of the Prophet Isaiah. Global military forces and civilians work together in a Forest Recovery/Enhancement and Crops to End World Hunger Pact. Lasting global peace is achieved within a single year by common mission and no longer merely observed philosophically. That is just the beginning. Trillions in monetary units and resources otherwise earmarked for weapons and weapons platforms can then be ruddered to Advanced Individualized Education, Fuel-less Technology, Medical Cures, Affordable Energy and Environment Savvy Homes, Long Life Products/Materials, Major Costs and Tax Relief, The Needy and all people, environment and technological reformation programs that are designed to benefit all people/all life and to succeed. Rich or poor, we can no longer tolerate the violation to life, the natural wonders and the common liberty, happiness and well being of all.

How does this impact other worlds? It will become the universally accepted principle of right governance and the means though which peaceful open contact will occur. It takes all kinds of individuals to make this happen. The reward is that we will have overcome technological deprivation, wars, planetary devastation, disease, poverty and death itself under the most grueling of circumstances historically and will become a light indeed on the very Throne and Footstool of God: Earth. Once we were the children of God and now we become the light of God.

Jeffrey Morgan Foss