October 15, 2014

To whom it may concern My name is Sandra I’ve seen the face of God  in August 2004 at about 2pm in the afternoon. it was in downtown skid row at Produce Hotel 676 South Central Avenue.337 I was walking down the street and I looked to the left of me and looked into the sky and saw His face. He was angry, he had dark eyes with wavy lines within the white section, his hair was long and curly, he had thick black eyebrows, his nose was wide in size, his lips were thick in nature,  I did’t say anything I just stared at him for 5 to 10 minutes and walked away into my apartment. My life hasn’t been the same since this day.

October 15, 2014

How do I talk to someone that has already wrote a letter? I have seen what I believe to be God in the sky, but with much activity around  him.to the person who seen God with his arms on something and said he was huge, please contact me.Samantha

September 25, 2014

I met whom we call God when I was 2
Noone has described God accurately. God did not have a physical body he appeared as a force something like lightning . I was to be a messenger he would go on to teach me many things to tell you and I will. The booklet will be called Here is God. When he is ready the world will receive it

August 31, 2014

I have seen him face-to-face, this is an experience unlike what you might expect. It has always been difficult for the fact that I never met another other than the one other that was with me. All white hair and beard with a voice unspoken allowed and yet it is received and understood, unlike any other. It’s difficult to explain… Incredibly peaceful experience. If I ever had a conversation with another person who had the same experience, a few questions would inable me to know if they speak the truth. He gave me something and I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t understand why. Why me. Why did he never come back? He is my father, my friend. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him however we talk every day. There was only one visit that was face-to-face and is always difficult to understand why.

August 13, 2014

My name is Andrew ball and I never really was much of a believer till summer of 2013 it was late June and I was headed to California for a visit and you might say I was not living the life of a Christian when I arrived at my childhood friends house I noticed the address was 666 and I thought how strange I didn’t remember that as you know marijuana is legal there and my friend and cousin smoked but I Didn’t I’ve never liked it but it was strange at times it was like Staten was talking thought them it scared me so bad I cut my vacation short on my way home I had car troubles in Arizona and I sat their recapping on the earlier events I bowed my head and said a prayer when I looked up into the clouds I saw God holding a baby fighting Lucifer I remember dropping my head and cried like a baby that’s the day my life changed

August 9, 2014

Hi there!  Today is August 8, 2014.  Thank you so much for keeping this
website up and running!  I, myself, run two websites now:  JoeMatters.com
AND LeoMatters.com.  I absolutely LOVE the idea that Leonardo’s favorite
quote is from “Goodfellas” when Joe Pesci says, “What do I look like, a
clown?”  Leo’s favorite quotes are from Joe.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is an EXCELLENT SIGN!
Anyway, I just wanted to point out to everyone that “Matthew 5:8” says “The pure of heart shall see God.”
Many things have happened since the last time I wrote.  Quick update: My birthday is 11-14-74.  Leonardo DiCaprio’s is 11-11-74.  We are both Italian and we’ve both been on stage since we were kids.  We have “God’s Creative Will” with each other and more information can be found out in the Bible Dictionary, under the definition of “Marriage.”  After all these years of confusion, and as of the Wolf of Wall Street miscast when Leonardo got miscast with an Australian girl, Hurricane Sandy happened, we now are understanding the truth behind God’s demands.  Miscasting Leonardo with the wrong girl in WOWS, caused 65 Billion dollars in damages to our country and 325 dead people–including the kids in
Newton, CT.  If Andrea had been cast with Leonardo in WOWS, instead of Margot, Hurricane Sandy would have been PREVENTED, INSTEAD OF CAUSED.
After extensive research, what this means is that God is demanding, ASAP,  that Leo and I give religious sanctions to the Biblical marriage that he has designed.  I believe the fate of the universe and human survival may be dependent upon Leonardo and I having this baby.  We are both approaching 40, this coming November, 2014.  The time is now for us to join in our respects for God to show and to please God that we respect his Commandments and human-kind is worth saving.
I know this is difficult to believe, but I am telling you all the truth.  There is so much evidence to prove that what I am saying is true.  In Genesis 2:22-24, God took a rib from a man to make a woman.  Leonardo and I are both of Italian descent.  He even has the letters of my first name, “A-N-D-R-E-A” scrambled in his name!  Plus we were born three days apart, the same year!  Even our parents are the same types and qualities, although they’ve never met each other, yet! They are all rooting for Leonardo and I-Andrea to respect God together, but Leonardo is not being honest about his
responsibilities to being a Biblically married man!  THIS IS GREATLY ANGERING GOD!!!!!
If anyone here has the ability to talk with Leonardo DiCaprio, please have him call me on my cell: 626-676-0353.  It is of utmost importance so that we may respect God, together.  God designed us to be husband and wife, but I didn’t know that I was the wife of Leonardo DiCaprio until Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook murders happened!
Leonardo is telling so many lies–that people are being severely hurt!  The Bible says that “He who keeps my commandments, shall receive mercy.”  If Leonardo DiCaprio (11-11-74) and Andrea Calabrese (11-14-74) are a Commandment of God [Was the three day story of “Jona and the Whale” a Commandment of God?  Is it a coincidence that Leonardo’s favorite story growing up as a kid was Moby Dick?  I don’t believe it was a coincidence.
It was because his subconscious (Guardian Angel) knew that he had God’s Creative Will with his wife who’d soon be travelling all the way across the country out of respects for her grandmother to be in Los Angeles–the same City that Leonardo was born.)], then shouldn’t the people have a right to know what the Commandments of God are, so that they, too, can receive mercy from God for respecting ALL the Commandments?
I’m really starting to believe that if we don’t respect God’s Holy Union of us (Leonardo, the rib cage, with his rib: Andrea–for the purpose of Holy Union with God) to have Holy Sex for the birth of our child–that God is going to cause the Earth to die, and all of humanity will cease to exist.
Leo’s adultery (Exodus 20:14) is and has been causing kids to be hurt and killed (2 Peter 2:14).  I’ve been reaching out to everyone to try to get help for Leonardo, so he stops committing adultery, but he’s still not calling the girl he should be calling–his wife, Andrea.  (626-676-0353)  Kids are getting killed (Adultery causes corruption) because my husband, Leo’s, not returning my calls?
If anyone here has any suggestions, please email me: besthollywoodprofessionals@gmail.com.
I will tell you all that the Bible is completely true: God, Satan, Jesus and the Angels.  It is all very true.  If sometimes a story in the Bible seems over-the-top, or campy, it’s most likely a metaphor to explain the meaning of the story.  It is all true, however, and I have an award for being “Most Trustworthy” in the whole school!
Love God!
Andrea Calabrese (-DiCaprio)
YES. I have seen God. I saw God in 1993. I tried
telling people like Oliver Stone, but no one believed
me. Life went on to be very difficult because no one
believed me…
…It is very important not to hold back or
discriminate against great spiritual leaders because
their knowledge of God and art can help everyone.
After I saw God, I believed there was only good in the
world. Then, in the Spring of 2001, I saw Satan.
Satan is made of the same material that God is, but he
is much smaller than God. Both are male. Satan is
the one who says no and waves his left finger back and
forth in the air. He has long finger nails, and four
knuckles on one finger. His fingers are long and
skinny like a birds claw. God is HUGE. Now, I know
evil exists too. I didn’t believe in evil before I
saw Satan. I thought it was just a gimmick or a ploy
to make money. Many parts of the Bible are true. The
truth lies in what GOD COMMANDED. What God commanded
is VERY, VERY true. God commanded that his accusers
shall be covered, and when I saw Satan, he had a cover
on his head.
I love God, and I thank Him for giving me the
beautiful gift of life.
I respect the religious views of others, but I believe
it is important that we respect each other. We, the
believers in God, allow others to think differently
and believe in other creations, such as the Buddha. I
believe that everyone has the right to their own
thoughts and beliefs. It is important to remember,
however, that God was first, before any man or any
mans writings.
I have been looking for others who have seen God or
Satan. Thank you very much for having this forum for
people to gather from around the world to share their
experiences. I would be interested in participating
in a discussion group with others who have seen God or
Satan. Please visit my website at:
LOVE and peace,
Andrea Calabrese

July 21, 2014

My name is JaQuedia Arbuckle,
I believe I seen GOD 3 times once when I was 20, once I thought I seen his eye is the sky it stopped me dead in my tracks then it vanished…. I was just staring straight up even after it was gone.. And just July 20th 5:00a.m. I was awaken by the color of the sky it was a bright orange color I thought it was time lol but when I looked outside I noticed that the cloud have a misty look with a golden color it looked like heaven! Then I look in front of me and there’s a massive cloud but I can see a long white beard and I can see the out line of his arms his hair and even the expression on the face.. It was a look is disappointment of discuss.. It looked like as if he had his arms down on something and just is looking down at the world… He looked so disappointed…. Please email me I have been seeing and feeling things sense I was 5 yrs.. Now this is the year I turn 30 I dreamed of JESUS too can somebody tell me “WHO I AM”??

July 10, 2014

Well, I was in back seat of car along with 3 other people.  I know someone called me and as I turned my head to left, I nastily mumbled what.  But beyond the back window I saw the color of a rose garnet.  I have had visions before but nothing so beautiful.  With a stronger voice, I said cool.  The person sitting next to me looked at me, so I asked do you see the colors.  Nope.  Just me.  I watched as vibrant colors started turning in a counter clockwise movement.  Right about between the pink and orange, I began to see what was inside this whirlwind rainbow.  A foot, laced sandal and then the other foot.  A white robe from under His Kneecaps appeared.  A buckle and belt.  Not like men wear today.   The belt had 3 lines going horizontal.  he wore the belt like a champion loosed about His Hips.  Then I saw His Arms stretched out and He began walking ever so gracefully.  Then I looked up as the pink, orange, yellow, green and a royal blue had already circled by.  I saw faces looking in through portholes.  I believe the one face was staring at me.  The faces all looked the same.  Black hair black facial hair.  I saw 6 faces above He who is adorned by Gods Promise, and I believe the porthole windows went around His Room.

April 20, 2014

Hello my name is Marina and I had a dream about God a few months ago and I want to know what my dream means?

In my dream I see the world coming to an end because God said he was angry at man kind for what they have done to earth. I see cities collapsing to the ground, bridges crumpling to the ground. I see and hear people calling out for help and I see animals dying so horribly. Then God starts talking to me saying he’s angry at mankind for everything they’ve had done especially to earth. You see in my dream nothing happened to me and everything around me is being destroyed. Then God said to me “Marina you need to start to believe in me. Tell people about your dream.” Then after that it’s been on my mind ever since. I still don’t understand why I had that dream to this day